Trade Me Settings

Login Details

Username / Password Enter your username and password that you use to login to Trade Me. The username is usually the email account that you use with Trade Me. Your password is encrypted when stored so it will not be revealed to anyone.
Default: Blank

Login to Trade Me when Auction Manager Starts When enabled, you will be logged into Trade Me automatically within the built in Web Browser.
Default: Disabled


Auto Update When enabled, the Current, Sold and Unsold Trade Me listings will be updated automaticaly at the defined interval. This ensures that Trade Me information is kept up to date such as new questions, sold listings, fixed price offers, number of current listings etc.
Default: Enabled, 30 Minutes

Highlight my balance... When enabled, your Trade Me balance that is shown in the quick info area will be highlighted in red and will blink to alert you.
Default: Enabled, $5.00

Update Trade Me Categories... This option will ensure the Trade Me categories are re-downloaded at the given interval. This means that any category changes by Trade Me are updated.
Default: Enabled, 14 Days

If fixed price is greater than... This option applies to automatic fixed price offers where the given fixed price value is greater than the sale price for auctions that have already sold. This can occur if an auction was won, but there are other watches to offer the fixed price to. Choose to offer either the sale price, or the given fixed price.
Default: Reserve/Sale price

Automatically clean unsold auctions When enabled, the unsold listings will automatically be removed from Trade Me and Auction Manager when their fixed price offers have expired, or if there are no watchers.
Default: Disabled

Automatically Place Feedback: This option enables the feedback selected in the drop down box to be automatically placed when the sale status is changed to Shipped or Complete. The drop down list is populated from the Trade Me Feedback setting.
Default: Disabled

Table Highlighting

You can customise the table row colours for a range of Current, Sold and Unsold listing types. For example, Current listings that are closing on the current day can be highlighted in blue. Press Select Colour to choose the colour, or Default to reset to the default colour.
Default: All Enabled

Out of Stock Comment

Add a listing comment when... When enabled, the given comment will be added to any current listings that are linked to a Stock Item which has dropped below the minimum stock level. This can occur if Stock has been sold by other means, such as via the Webshop, or by a manual sale. This is a great option to allow you to automatically notify Trade Me users that the item has gone out of stock if a listing is currently running.
Default: Disabled